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Saima Ghazzanfar / Pakisthan

About Saima Ghazzanfar

Saima is an advertising veteran with over 15 years of experience. Her portfolio covers a wide and strong palette of clients ranging from FMCG to Telco to Financial Institutions; from multinational, national to government sectors. Her clients have included brands like Nestle, KFC, Surf Excel, Faisal Bank among others.

Her move to Azadfilm now sees her making conceptual decisions for film projects. She also leads Azad Khayal – a concept generating company. Her film works have seen her donning the hats of Associate Director, Casting Heads and visualizer for feature projects.

She has been a recipient of Aurora Award for her Global campaign.


Contemporary love story- A couple with cold feet, cool jobs, chill pills, frozen foods and frequent freeze outs. What happens when it reaches the boiling point?


Its has been two years since she has gone. Nadir Mustafa, Sara’s husband came home defeated after searching from Yangon to Chindwin extensively. Everyone believes Sara is dead, but he refuses to accept so. He had no clues whatsoever until he closely examined the fridge and the microwave.

Nadir wanted a lot in life. The overstocked frozen food in his refrigerator made him realize just how prepared they were for a disaster and how distant their times together had become.

The yearning for constant stability and love drove Sara away. She had gone – willingly, into the journey to find herself again. He discovered that love is a constant work in progress, that it needs more than mere physical presence.

Director’s Intention

This film is captured in essence between the hustle bustles of modern day life, where everyone is in a hurry to be somewhere, with no real idea as to where they want to go.

While everything seems organized on the outside, there is a constant feeling of chaos; depicting how the temporary ego inflation leads to permanent depression.

The friction between a fridge and a microwave is an accumulation of all relationships that i have observed around me.

I want to make films that address the smaller, more intimate, issues that surround our daily lives and are global phenomena. I truly believe that family relationships and love require constant nourishing and care

Saima Ghazzanfar / Pakisthan

Writer: Saima Ghazzanfar, Hira Saleem

Language: Urdu, Punjabi

Budget: 353, 000 USD

Company: Azadfilm Company


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