A Residency platform dedicated to filmmakers, visual artists, theater personnel and photographers on the outskirts of Kathmandu was setup in 2016. This new space was created as a post earthquake community support initiative in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake that struck Nepal.

Ehwa Arts Collaboratory (EHWA) is situated inside a village off the Sindhuli Highway connecting Kathmandu to the suthern plains of Nepal. Overlooking the mountains and the vast Panchkhal valley, it is on the Mahabharat range of mountains that guard the Kathmandu valley. The residency provides artists an opportunity to work with no obvious distractions of urban material life.

The space hosts groups upto sizes of 13 and has basic facilities found in a rural Nepali setting. It has technical facilities required to work on a film edit or start writing a project. Rehearsal spaces are in the open, or in small outdoor covered areas.

Operated as a eco-farm, residents are recommended to grow their own food while at the residency and plant trees to build a forest which is part of an ongoing agenda to convert the property into a living forest.

Ehwa’s location inside a village with a rich Nepali heritage allows resident artists to closely interact and work with the local community understanding the life as it prevails. The residency is connected with two other residential community based facilities in eastern and western Nepal and Udayapur and Dang districts which can be used as satellite facility for artists to extend their stay in and work at. It further provides the opportunity to explore Nepal’s cultural and human sides by working in these spaces.

Disciplines : Filmmaking, Video art, Photography, Creative Writing, Theater, Painting
When: December, August

What does the Residency provide?
– Accomodation with provision to stay maximum of 30 days
– Access to all spaces (equipments are separately payable)
– Basic supplies for the kitchen
– Kitchen to cook
– House help

What does the artist need to cover
– Residency fee of 250 USD a month (Ehwa only)
– Art materials or other requirements
– Travel and insurance costs
– Meal costs (to purchase from the market)

When to apply?
application is open all year round. To apply send an email to [email protected]
for shorter stay, costs will vary.

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