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Docskool hosts a series of programs …
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Filmmaking Certificate program

This course is related to the iconic ‘Documentary Open Skool’ workshop which led to the formation of Docskool first conducted in 2008. The structure has since gone through significant adaptation resulting in the current format.

The Certificate Programme takes participants through all aspects of filmmaking from screenplay writing to making a film of their own. Its orientation is the core principle of Docskool that emphasizes equal and fair access of cinema as a medium of independent expression to all.

Held over a flexible six month period, the program offers courses designed in order to help participants select a field they want to explore further. The program is held in two modules of a compulsory course followed by elective courses for participants to independently select from. A Certificate is offered to participants who successfully complete the compulsory course and required number of electives.

This programme is suitable for a variety of art practitioners and beginner stage filmmakers. A minimum academic qualification of +2/ High school completion is required to apply.


It is mandatory that all participants complete this course to proceed for elective courses or to attend the International Film Program

Key topics of this module include –

+ Understanding of film as an independent medium
+ Technical Tutorials in cinema
+ Writing for film (fiction and documentary)
+ Short Project (Group)


Participants must select 2 options from the following courses to complete the Certificate.

1. Workshop on Fiction Writing Development

Participants appear with a film treatment and attend a ‘writing lab’ to further develop the writing. Workshop prepares candidates to complete a first or second draft of their script and enter production of a well conceptualised short film.

One project from this workshop will be taken forward as the main assignment for the International Film Program.

2. Documentary film incubation Workshop

The workshop hosts screenings, master classes and discourses with the intention to appreciate contemporary documentary film from around the world. It will help understand the key paradox and possibilities of the documentary format preparing filmmakers to work in real situations with real stories. The workshop does not require participants to appear with projects.

3. Personal project residency engaging film in any manner

Participants will spend 3 weeks in either Dhulikhel, Udayapur or Dang where community residency spaces are provided for a creative residency involving the film medium. Artists are free to develop a project that uses any aspect of the film medium while they discuss their development with an assigned filmmaker advisor. Project examples could include video arts, sound compilations imposed on photos, narrative fiction film with a local workshop among others. The residency spaces are well connected to the local communities through hundreds of community groups who can be accessed by the artists as part of their residency project.

The residency will provide all arrangements for 3 weeks. It will not provide art materials, local transport and food. A bicycle could be available.

Next course is scheduled to start from March 2019
To apply – Please send a letter of application together with a relevant CV(with complete contact detail) and work samples if applicable to Docskool’s email address. Call 4251335 for queries.
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International Film Program

The International Film Program is a 3-week exchange based workshop held at multiple locations for Nepali and non-Nepali film students and beginner level practitioners. It provides an opportunity to work in collaboration with South Asian filmmakers and make a film in Nepal. Participants takeback projects developed in during the workshop and a sense of working in multi-cultural environments with possibilities to build future creative collaborations in South Asia.

This program will be held in the month of December 2019. (exact dates are announced end of August)

Nepal’s location as South Asia’s political and cultural meeting point allows cultural workers from around the world to come here without hurdle (visa is on arrival). Kathmandu’s transformation following the armed conflict and overthrowing of the monarchy still however contradicts with the Shangri-La idea, much of the world is accustomed to envisioning. Nepal is one of the fastest movers of economy in Asia today and is home to the regions fastest growing film industry aside India.

Who can apply?

The program invites film students from second or third year under graduate level programs from around the world. They apply together with participants of the Certificate program of Docskool.

Two resident filmmakers will join as key advisors for the program with visiting faculty joining on specific occasions.


The programs intention is to encourage cinema as a medium close to personal experiences. We encourage understanding the essential story as a body of ideas and working on a format that suits best without emphasizing on fiction or documentary. The program starts with a workshop around these topics at Ehwa leading to group divisions. Two week is allocated for project work at field sites in Nepal.

During field time, participants work either as a group on a fiction short or on a self-defined video work. All projects are complemented by advisory sessions with resident filmmakers. The program ends with a closing review of projects created.

To emphasize on understandings of South Asian cinema, sessions are conducted on the cinemas of different countries and makers in the region.

How to apply?

The program only takes a limited number of participants from any given film school per year. This is to encourage diversity in participation into the program.

6 seats are available for international participants.
The cost of the International Film Program for Non-Nepali participants is 1200 USD (This includes travel and stay for three weeks in Nepal, certain project requirements may be required to be separately managed)

To apply, please send a letter of intention/application with your CV and recent work sample with a letter of recommendation from your school or a person who knows you best professionally.

Last date of application – August 15. 2019″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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