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Prawin Karki / Nepal

About Prawin Karki

Prawin Karki started as a cultural activist in his community at Pokhara. And joined the media as a TV producer and presenter in 2007. He now lives in Kathmandu and has been involved in media/ art campaigns and in films.

He works as the key production developer and line producer for Media Port handling film productions. His portfolio includes projects such as LOOT; Kabaddi which have been taken as trendsetting projects in the last five years.


Differently abled Brahmin shepherd boy Gadu dreams of becoming a British Gurkha soldier. Amidst all odds and happenings around him, he falls in love with a girl from a lower caste in whom he finds solace and hopes to break free.


Ganesh (Gadu) is a young Brahmin shepherd who is differently abled. He lives in Pachase, a village across the lake which shores the glittering town of Pokhara.

He is constantly dreaming and practising to become a British Gurkha soldier someday, very soon. Seasons come and go for Gadu alongside his schedule of delivering milk and looking after his herds . He falls in love with Parasmi, a lower caste girl with whom he tends to live an independent free life. He now must challenge societal norms and restrictions.

Director’s Intention

Pokhara is my birth place. Most of the people I am friends with dream of becoming a British Gurkha, many of whom are in the forces. I see today that most of the villages around Pokhara are empty with no or fewer youth living in them.

My own younger brother has developmental difficulties. And I want to make a film inspired by the life he creates by himself. Unlike me – he is a free soul, that freedom intrigues me as an idea worth delving more into.


Prawin Karki / Nepal

Original Title: Biman

Director/Writer: Prawin Karki

Language: Nepali

Budget: 200, 000 USD

Available: 20, 000 USD

Company: Media Port

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