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AbhiManyu Dixit / Nepal

About AbhiManyu Dixit

AbhiManyu Dixit’s first feature Chasing Rainbows (2013) that he produced and edited has been called to have a ‘trail blazer’ effect on young cinema in Nepal. Following his undergraduate studies in media, AbhiManyu has worked with cinema as a keen practitioner and as a film campaigner from Kathmandu.
He has been writing, directing, producing, & editing shorts- both fiction & nonfiction since 2009. His works can often be found questioning Nepal’s Nuevo modernity. He aspires to tell awesome stories.

AbhiManyu Dixit / Nepal

Language: Nepali, Bhojpuri

Budget: 300,000 USD

Available: 30,000 USD

Company: EHWA Films Proposed Nepal, India joint project


EHWA Films

Gaurighat, Kathmandu, Nepal

Post Box: 13233

t: +977 9803948870

e: [email protected]


Ganesh Sah has one of those mundane young human lives. His forefathers were dacoits, he wants to stir his personal and family legacy by organizing and participating in a Kushti (wrestling) tournament in the most politicized Indo – border city of contemporary Nepal. Photo only for visual reference


I choose a middle class man’s plight to greatness. Middle class predicament life is expected to be boring and pointless. But my hero wants to bite off more than he can chew.

The film will be made targeting Nepal and the Northern poor state of Bihar in India. Nepal and Bihar apart from the border share much in cultural and social similarity, including a close practise in making films. But both industries suffer from repetitive contents with machismo hero and chic heroines branding the hoardings.

The project wants to exchange the best of native storytelling and production strengths from the two sides.

Director’s Intention

After cremating his father’s corpse, GANESH SAH (25) is forced into quarter life crisis. He wants to make a name for himself, but he is stuck in a mundane job at a printing company. He is also burdened with the responsibility of his 75 year old grandfather, and his mother who wants him married.

When Shyam Singhania (65) a politically active family friend, returns Ganesh’s family heirloom- a rifle, he relishes in fantasizing of the greatness and benevolence of Ganesh’s family who fought Indian Dacoits, and the Nepali Police during revolution. His father had left all to lead a dull life. But now he wants to relive his true family legacy of courage.

Fuelled with the want to do something worthwhile with his life, he agrees on co organizing a Kushti (Wrestling) tournament- for the altruistic motive of bringing sanity to the present political unrest of his city- Janakpur.

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