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Orange Sky

Rigzin Kalon / India

About Rigzin Kalon

Rigzin Kalon is a film-maker from Ladhak, India. He is known for his original and impactful works. He began his creative journey with the critically acclaimed documentary – “Old man and the lamp” in 1999. His another screenplay “Ngonsum – Godforsaken” was part of NFDC National Script-lab 2014-15.

Rigzin Kalon / India

Original Title: Urutsey

Language: Ladakhi / Bhoti

Budget: 271,371 USD

Available: 46,000 USD

Company: Ladakh Films


Ladakh Films,

Lharimo Complex, Leh – Ladakh India



When two rivers, one a turquoise green; the other a muddy brown meet, they change their colours. If one river be the modern industrial and the other ancient traditional, and all the people in the story a witness as well as participants in this historic confluence, then “Urutsey – Orange Sky”, is a telling tale about the beginning of a new era.


Gyatso, the seventy years old patriarch of an extended family lives in the remote valley of Ladakh. Gyatso’s family remains cut-off from civilization for most part of the year.

Despite the harshness they are a content lot within their small universe, till a snow-leopard in the cover of the night attacks and kills several of their sheep. Gyatso along with his sons tracks down the beast for revenge, but strangely overcome with pity; sympathizes with the animal’s bid for survival and allows it to escape unharmed. This incident brings to the fore Gyatso’s latent fears and dilemmas caused by the changing times. He realizes that the once united family is gradually drifting Synopsis apart. This saddens him deeply and he makes his last bid to keep them together.

Director’s Intention

Ladakh being strategically placed on the silk-route, over a period of time imbibed many aspects from various cultures, but somehow this time when the outside world was changing dramatically, Ladakh got left out. The film is set in the 1950’s when the national highway between Leh and mainland India was being built, and Ladakh; bit confused, stood at the crossroads of modern industrial and the ancient traditional.

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