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Siyar Noorzad / AFGHANISTAN

About Siyar Noorzad

Born in Kabul, Siyar Noorzad started work as a soap-opera series creator and has directed 250 Episode of RAZ HAI EN KHANA.

He has written, produced and  directed four short fictions films, two short documentaries and one feature length documentary that have been screened at several national and international film festivals.

BROKEN CARPETS is his first feature drama project.


AFTER his last night in prison, Ehsaan wants to embrace life in full vigor. His cherish is short lived as his girlfriend is already married.

Miles away Ehsaan is at a carpet factory where his interest buds in the owner, a single mother – Zari. But Zari runs a factory laced with opium addiction and a business deal with the drug lords of Afghanistan.

Set in Afghanistan’s splendid north eastern territory full of colorful carpets, Ehsaan’s life is as vibrant as the colors but not as harmonious as he would want them to be. Staged in a melodrama, Broken Carpets is the reflection of a lone life in Afghanistan when you want change.

Siyar Noorzad / AFGHANISTAN

Original Title: Broken Carpet

Director/Writer: Siyar Noorzad

Budget: 110,000 USD

Available: 30 % secured

Company: Wide Vision Films, Afghanistan

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