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Karan Shrestha / Nepal

About Karan Shrestha

Directors Bio Karan Shrestha lives and works out of Mumbai, India and Kathmandu, Nepal. He is closely associated with the new generation Indian Film Industry and also works as an independent filmmaker and artist. He began making short films and videos in 2009. He studied at Sydney Film School and has a body of short films that explore narrative and film as a form.


In the folds of the mountains in post war Nepal, two young men of questionable background witness a plane crash. They rush to… but what one encounters among the wreckage is more than just death and debris – a mythical creature whose presence along with their newly acquired fortune changes their lives and the environment they inhabit.
But those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything, thus triggering a series of menacing events that end in unimaginable horror.


Karan Shrestha / Nepal

Original Title: Abomination

Director/Writer: Karan Shrestha

Budget: 250,000 USD

Company: EHWA , Kathmandu

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    2014 Projects

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