Writing Lab

Clinik 'Writing Lab' is the world's only permanent South Asia focussed film script and production support initiative. Its held annually in Kathmandu.


Clinik.Kathmandu announces the call for applications to the 2018 ‘Writing Lab’ held in the month of June with optional follow up workshops for 2 months. This is the fourth season for the workshop and we are accepting 10 fiction projects from filmmakers/writers with a first draft or story outline available in the form of a treatment.


The program is dedicated to filmmakers from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. The application is also open for practitioners based in diaspora with diaspora content.


In the 3 seasons held since 2014, Clinik’s Writing Lab has supported 21 films of which 5 have been materialised. We are further pleased that project ranges in our workshops have included pashto, bhoti, meitei, burmese, assamese, tulu among other minority and or indigenous local languages whose promotion are of high priority to the programs objective.


The 2018 workshop will be held as a residency at the Ehwa Arts Collaboratory, a filmmaker platform dedicated to South Asian cinema also offering diverse programs on several aspects of film practise. The platform will be available for participants to extend their stay and continue writing or compiling a demo reel under expert supervision while in Nepal.


Deadline for application is 20th of March 2018. Application package requirements and process have been clarified in the Program Catalog and an application form is available for download.


Program advisors will include Jolein Laarman, Giovanni Robbiano, Kshitiz Adhiraj with others to be decided.   

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