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Clinik.Kathmandu Call for entries 2018

Clinik.Kathmandu celebrates human experiences of storytellers. It helps make new friends in the industry and find expert advise to your work. We are looking for new projects and filmmakers to be part of the Writing Lab, Project Build Up Lab & Regional Workshop for 2018. All labs are now part of the Fiction development Program.
Submission closes 20th of March  


PADDAYI completes production

Clinik 2017 Project seeking festivals after completion

Clinik 2017 project Paddayi is complete and ready to be at festivals. A modern day take on Shakespear’s Macbeth, its directed by India National Award Winner director Abhaya Simha and is based in Tulu. He speaks about his project and expectations with us.


meet us in Berlin

Docskool at Berlinale in February

Docskool is represented by Head of Studies, Giovanni Robbiano at Berlinale 2018. To schedule meetings write to the official email address. We will be at the festival throughout the period between 15 - 25th of February.

  • Clinik 2017 project PADDAYI Completes Production; director talks of his journey

    It was only in June 2017 that Abhaya Simha brought his project PADDAYI to Clinik Writing Program, the film is now complete and geared to be at festivals around the world.

    A modern day take on Shakepear’s Macbeth in Tulu (indigenous language spoken in the coastal region of Karnataka), PADDAYI will be shown to a limited Tulu audience in Theaters and banks on its plan to be shown to more festivals and seeks alternative sales methods.  
    While still struck by the speed at which Abhaya and his team pulled off this lovely story of greed, love and contemporariness we caught up with Abhaya and spoke to him about his film and


  • Docskool @ IFFR 2018

    Clinik.Kathmandu is one of the industry bodies recommending young filmmakers into the Rotterdam Labs of Cinemart – IFFR. With the festival starting soon, we feature how it works.  

    Docskool’s - Clinik.Kathmandu is one of limited industry bodies recommending promising young filmmakers into the Rotterdam Labs of Cinemart – IFFR. Closed for open application, Rotterdam Labs relies on partners to streamline a linkage with home talents who aspire to tell heart bound yet global stories.
    Not much spoken of in the cluster of ‘talent programs’ offered by festivals, Rotterdam Labs makes huge impacts in the way a film behaves with


  • Young blood 1 - Sumudu Malalagama / Srilanka

    Young Blood series features special filmmakers from South Asia and their stories. Sumudu Malalagama is a phenomenal young producer from Sri Lanka.  

    Sumudu Malalagama was very young when Titanic came out. She probably never danced the macarena but she is of today all set to storm the Srilankan film scene. Unlike many of her friends she wants to focus on producing, a promising feat in itself.

    Following her time at the Busan Film Festival's Asian Film School, Sumudu has keenly been developing a few 'secret' projects. Her focus is on building a body of work that represent her



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