Extended Advisory

Following the Writing Lab, script and production experts stay with select projects helping them discover further.

This module is only offered to participants who have undertaken the Writing Lab. Individuals who select this option are attached with one expert on script or production (based on their option) for a two month period acting as their personal mentor.  




Distant module, sessions are held online and as defined by the participant and advisor.

Participants select from script or production advise based on their need. Every project is attached to one advisor. Clinik assigns advisors based on the programs know how of the project and the participant.

Each project spends close to 20 hours of online based support.




Script advisory will be focused at supporting the process initiated at the Writing Lab. It will aim to help the writer come close to finding a clear objective of the story and encourage understanding the pattern of the film. Writers should go ahead into finalising their instrumental second or third drafts after these sessions.  


Production advisory will be focused at helping the project build a comprehensive perspective to the films development that includes both local and global possibilities. In cases where a film has no global interest, it will be focused on local perspectives alone. The advisor will most likely be a producer, market consultant, production consultant or film critics.

Films should leave the advisory with a scheduled strategy and be in a position to develop it further.  


Following Process


Filmmakers in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan go home to a Local Support Group.

For other filmmakers Docskool will provide advisory when and where needed on forming strategy and market response.

Filmmakers are advised to take up the Project Build Up Lab in October where they will be able to test their scripts shooting parts of it with professional experts.  




A separate application is not necessary to be part of this advisory module. Interested applicants may simply mention their interest in the Writing Lab application form.