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Nishantha Shantha Deva / SRI LANKA

About Nishantha Shantha Deva

Nishantha Shantha Deva is a filmmaker who has had a strong career in advertisement filmmaking in Sri Lanka – garnering many awards. But it is his short works in fictions that have gained him much bigger recognition. He works with Rasitha Jinasena (Producer- Sankara, Karma, 28 sri) who is keenly looking at this project. His works have been shown at Oseans cinefan among other festivals and is an alumni of the Berlinale Talents.


APRIL 2002 – war in Sri Lanka is at its peak. In an abandoned Dutch church in downtown Colombo, a woman suicide bomber (Manimekala) is brought for questioning by an intelligence officer (Arvind). Manimekala largely quiet soon appoints pigeons in the hallway to become her new cadres, preparing them to become suicide bombers. She hears sound of the city that transcripts into drawings in the wall of a city that she is designed to bomb.

These drawings bring back stories behind the two opposite individuals – both fighting for a different cause but with a shared background – telling us about Arvind’s ‘perfect world’ and how they are now destined to become enemies.


Nishantha Shantha Deva / SRI LANKA

Director/Writer: Nishantha Shantha Deva

Budget: 86,470.78 USD

Company: Sky Entertainment, Colombo


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