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Saroj Mahato / NEPAL

About Saroj Mahato

Founder and director of Bikalpa Art Center and Executive Director of Randomline Production, Saroj Mahato started his film career in 2009 and has worked on a series of short films. He is an alumni of the Asian Film Academy, Pusan.

His works have shown at several festivals in Nepal and abroad. Bikalpa Art center is an important contemporary arts space in Kathmandu.


Sanjita had a horrid childhood. She has been a child server working for Kathmandu’s petty bourgeoisie where she was exploited in magnitudes. Her struggles in life have made her believe in the art of manipulation.

Her new interest is the young son of her ex owner soon to become her new groom. As Sanjita walks into her new house – now as the daughter in law, a server in the house is yet another maid – she also lives in bonded like conditions.

Saroj Mahato / NEPAL

Original Title: Kalmari

Director/Writer: Saroj Mahato

Budget: 96,500 (+) USD

Available: Projects 30 %

Company: Randomline Production

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