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Ilango Ramanathan / Sri Lanka

About Ilango Ramanathan

Ilango Ramanathan was a past student of Asian Film Academy, Korea (2006) where he showcased his talent and passion towards filmmaking. His participation in the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2007 was yet another milestone in his journey. His learning path in USA, Korea & Berlin has given him a complete outlook in the industry and has helped him to understand filmmaking in depth.

In 2009 Ilango shifted gears to the world of advertising where he directed more than 250 Sri Lankan & International TV commercials.

Ilango has been in the jury panel at the Colombo International Film Festival 2015 and at Agenda 14 Short Film Festival.


A mass grave is found during the post war period in Sri Lanka. A mother claims one of the dead bodies as her son.


An old Tamil man acquires his land once occupied by the Sinhalese army during the war times in Sri Lanka. There he finds a mass grave. An old Tamil mother looking for her missing son claims one of the dead bodies found in the mass grave as her son. She spends the entire night holding the body tight without letting go. The whole story spans across two days. The mother trying to take the body away to give a proper burial and the old man waiting for his land to get cleared.

Director’s Intention

I believe, film making is the only honest way to express about my people. Any form of war brings grief and pain not only to the people who are directly involved, but also to the innocent civilians. Being a Tamil, I went through it all in my childhood. The only way I can express my agony and pain is through art, hence the mere reason that drew me to make this film. Though the tears and pain what civilians went through during the final stages of the civil war cannot be captured in any form, through “scent of a dead body”, I have tried to express how painful the war is through two innocent souls. A Tamil mother who’s looking for her son, who has gone missing at the time of the civil war and an old Tamil man who is waiting to get his land which was occupied by the armed forces for a very long time. Though this story is based on Sri Lanka, anyone who has lived through the war can relate to the content, which I believe is the most important element for any film. Similarly, I don’t believe a film has the power to create any social change, but I believe this film would be the first film to document atrocities took place during the final stages for the civil war in Sri Lanka in an honest way without being bias.

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