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Rainbow Fields

Bidyut Kotoky / India

About Bidyut Kotoky

In 2007,Bidyut Kotoky won the Indian National Award (Special mention) for ‘Bhraimoman Theatre – where Othello sails with Titanic’’. His documentary ‘The Mighty Ahoms’(2010) was telecast on National Geographic and Fox History. His debut feature, bi- lingual film ‘as the River flows’ (Hindi / Assamese) was produced by NFDC. The Assamese version has released and is doing the festival circuit. The film won the best script and the best actor award in the 2013 Washington DC South-Asian Film Festival. Recently, the film won the Audience Choice Award in 2014 North Carolina South-Asian film fest.


A sudden development forces a Mumbai based filmmaker Niyor to get into a time warp of sorts, he decides to return to his roots in Assam, something he had never bothered to do in ages. What is it that has been haunting him? The story of ‘Rainbow Fields’ would very well have been a story from any part of the World that is facing the problem of terrorism whether it is Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kashmir or Assam. A coming of age tale, this story could very well have been mine or yours as well.


Niyor, a Mumbai based filmmaker one day receives some news which shatters him and makes him go back in time. When he was 10 years old they lived in a small town in Assam, times were then changing in Assam; violence was increasing day by day. After a traumatic experience unexpectedly, Niyor decides to make his sister happy and promises that they would perform a play by themselves. He did not even know how to write a play but managed to convince his friends to be a part of it. While at a friend’s place they discovered a real gun, belonging to the friend’s cousin brother. Synopsis Niyor thus got the plot for his play and it involved shooting a gun. To make it look realistic they decided to ‘use’ the same gun that they had seen. One day his friend informs Niyor that his cousin was not in town for a couple of days and thus they decide to ‘enact’ the play. What was then just a childish act goes on to alter the lives of Niyor and his friend. And now finally Niyor decides to go back to that town in Assam after nearly 3 decades.

Director’s Intention

An attempt to understand what goes through the mind of a child growing up amidst a conflict zone, where they experience incidences of violence and destruction on a regular basis. Do they expect it as a part of life? Or do they try to live denial, creating their own beautiful imaginary world far away from the realities of death and destruction. “We don’t inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.”


Bidyut Kotoky / India

Language: Assamese, Hindi

Budget: 380,954 USD

Available: 130,000 USD

Company: Dhruv Creative Production


Dhruv Creative Productions,

E- 702 Aangan, Thakur village, Kandivli east, Mumbai – 400101 India

t: +91 983-357-5259, +91-932-229-4134

e: [email protected]

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