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Udara Abeysundara / Sri Lanka

About Udara Abeysundara

Udara Abeysundra is a RMIT Australia film graduate. His first feature Sewanali – WHEREVER (2014) is still doing festivals and premiered at Colombo Intl. Film Festival after having won the best cinematography award at Lake Champlain film festival in New York 2014. When not making films, Udara works on TV adverts and music videos. He is an amateur magician and has faith in magical realism.

Udara Abeysundara / Sri Lanka

Language: Sinhala

Budget: 150, 130 USD

Company: Danushka Gunathilaka (DOP)


56/ 2c Aredihena Road, Gothatuwa New Town Colombo, Sri Lanka

t: +94 774 285 767

e: [email protected]


Lochana, 19 lives with his single mother in a government flat in Colombo. They have a struggle full ordinary life – Lochana makes paper bags for living. Lochana has recently found himself a new trade in the pile of old papers, his hands churn magic nowadays. Its not long before his craft finds attention of a Rupe Mama – gangster type thug on Colombo streets. Here everything is contemporary.

Director’s Intention

This story unfolds in the unforgiving streets of Colombo. The city and Sri Lanka having turned into a playground of corrupt capitalism rife with gangsters, Colombo provides a universal backdrop to the journey of a young man trying to manipulate his way into a self made success. I will be strongly focusing on keeping it true to the emotions and life of an outcast of the system, i believe increasingly more of us understand that we have all become outcasts of the system – and that there is none. “Success has become a metaphor for corruption” it will run as the principal ideology of this film. I will reference Wan Kar Wai’s Chunking Express, My Blueberry nights for his interpretation of space and melting pot cities.

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