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Abhaya Simha / India

About Abhaya Simha

Abhaya Simha is a Film and Television Institute graduate Film Director. His first film Gubbachigalu won the National Award for the Best Children’s film (2008) and was screened in several National and International Film Festivals. His second film Shikari too was screened at Kolkatta and Bangalore International Film Festivals. He is also an avid documentary filmmaker and has made more than 20 documentaries on performing arts and environmental issues.


Madhava and Madhavi are newly married couple from the fishing community (Mogaveera) of coastal Karnataka. ‘Kadalu’ is the story of their personal ambition and how it plays out on this closely knit, small community. Kadalu is re-telling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth in a new light.


The epic narrative of Macbeth by William Shakespeare has been explored in various angles in many languages and cultures. Our project Macbeth is a new attempt in re-telling the story in a modern day fishing community of costal Karnataka.

Madhava and Madhavi belong to fishing community of costal Karnataka. Madhava a specialized fish spotter in Dineshanna’s fishing fleet is a brave, flamboyant youngster. Dineshanna’s son Manjesha who dreams of settling abroad for better future. Amidst these characters, a tale of greed and emotions plays out. The human desire goes such extents where men are murdered and sacred boundaries of trust are breached. Prophesy that was told by the divine forces inspire Madhava to dream big. However, when the same forces tell Madhava that he would be killed only when the sea moves into eat him, Madhava longs for a death that looks impossible to him.

The original text by William Shakespeare is re-interpreted here in the backdrop of fight the fishermen have to fight with themselves and against the nature on daily basis.

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