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Udaya Dharmawardhana / Sri Lanka

About Udaya Dharmawardhana

Udaya Dharmawardhana is a film-maker from Sri Lanka. He began his career as an artistic photographer and continued his desire to see the world around him through the frame, by becoming a videographer and shortly then cinematographer. After working as a program producer in a leading TV station in Sri Lanka for few years, he became one of the most prominent music video directors in the country who severely contributed to form a music video art in Sri Lanka taking it into a new approach.

“Miles of a Dream” is his first feature film, which is a coproduction of France and Sri Lanka. The film is based on the psychology of pain and suffers, on that point where we think that the approaching option is the salvation, where we step into the next closest thing without even having logical thought or evaluation about matters and where we take decisions blindly.

He was awarded as a “Most promising director” for this film, in a leading film festivals in Sri lanka at 2013-2014.

Also he won many awards for the official music video of “Miles of a dream” – (Ashes of memory haunting) 2013, Best movie adaptation music video and best performance.


The story is woven around the human struggle for fruition of a youth from the lower classes of a minority group whose single goal is to get his sister married off, a young woman from the lower-middle class whose sole purpose in life is to have a child and a young man from the middle class whose single minded desire is to become a film director in the style of Reygadasin a post-conflict era that has arrived after 30 years of war.

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