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Waribam Dorendra / India

About Waribam Dorendra

Waribam Dorendra has obtained a 3 years diploma in Film and Video Editing from Jyoti Chitraban Film and Television Institute of Guwahati in 2004. He was selected for the 4th Talent Campus India, 2007 held in Delhi, Organised by the Osian’s Cinefan alongside Osian’s 9th Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema. He has edited some of the interesting short films made by award winning filmmaker and critic Altaf Mazid from Assam. He has co-directed a feature film called “Antardhan(Irrevocable)” based on true story of disappearance of an Assamese poet. His experimental short videos have been shown in MIFF, India.


A young man’s journey to reach his ancestral homeland comes to halt. He feels burdened as an outsider.


This is a film about a guy who embarks on a journey to Imphal from his home city Guwahati. Imphal, which is in Manipur is ancestral homeland of D. D in his mid twenties has many questions in his mind. His unfulfilled love and desire, choice of work, question of belongingness? On his trip to Imphal he faces an unexpected road blockade. Beautiful surrounding in the hill becomes tensed and fearful. Two different communities block the highway from two different directions. He and other passengers have to find a way to reach one or other end of trip. Family and society waits in both ends and individual stands in crisis. He finally reaches Imphal.


Waribam Dorendra / India

Original Title: D DAYS IN IMPHAL

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