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Christina Kyi / Myanmar

About Christina Kyi

Christina graduated with Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia major from New York. Post graduation, she worked on a series of film project in the U.S before moving back to Myanmar. In 2014 she directed her first feature, Mudras Calling which is now in post production.


Nway Nway (16) has been a dream child to her struggling mother, she now keeps with her a secret involving her disabled father’s relation with her poor maid. She cannot share this with her mother but her life can no longer remain the same after this incident.


Broken is a story that is inspired by topical issues faced by people in Burma. The story is about an ordinary middle class family that has been subliminally affected by the state education and economic crisis. Decades-lasting system failure has created peculiar circumstances where people are forced to adapt, and has numbed their senses about politics or anything else besides daily chores for that matter.

I want to show how people are unaware of the way the lack of access to good education and the lack of good economy are affecting their lives in this film but not conspicuously. I want to present it in a way where things actually happen in real life. So, I basically want to create a film that shows the problems through real-life-like characters people can relate to.

Director’s Intention

Daw Wai Mar is a struggling mother of Nway Nway (16). Her husband U Htun Aung(37) is a disabled ex-army, his boredom takes him to forcing himself onto their maid Daw. Daw is powerless, her land has been confiscated by the government, she decides to stay back and face abuse as it is comparative calm. The secret cannot stay calm for too long and the family must bear the consequences of one man’s decision.

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