NOW OPEN – ‘Women in cinema’ Fellowship

NOW OPEN – ‘Women in cinema’ Fellowship

The fellowship is open for women filmmakers with minimum 3 years of working experience who qualify to apply to the Project Support Process of Clinik.Kathmandu(check website for details). The fellowship lasts for a year during which time the program aims to closely support the completion of the ‘Development Phase’  of the film being developed by the filmmaker. Selection is made on the basis of the project’s quality and relevance to South Asia, professional experience and artistic clarity of the applicant.

A maximum of 5 fellows will be selected by the Clinik.Kathmandu program every season. The process has been integrated into the Project Support Focus of Clinik.Kathmandu and uses the Writing Lab, Extended Advisory and Project Build Up lab as required components of the fellowship to be complete. At the end of the year, fellows should have a clearly developed project including a finalised script, a creative template involving a demoreel/ pre shot scene, and maturity in the artist to understand the personal and social value of the story and posess the ability to present the project at any professional platform.

To apply, an applicant must be from one of the listed countries :
Bangladesh, Bhutan, India (North East), Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal

Application should be made to the Writing Lab 2018. The fellowship starts at a ‘Women Storytelling workshop’ held right ahead of the Writing Lab in Kathmandu.
All application requirements are the same as the Writing Lab. Here however a Letter of Intention on expectations regarding the Fellowship will be seen with close regard.

What is Provided

A filmmaker is obliged to be part of all the programs (Writing Lab, Distant Advisory and Project Build Up Lab) if accepted as a fellow.
The Fellowship will provide full cost waivers to all the workshops and a certain percentage of travel stipend to come for the workshop in Nepal. The participant will cover costs for their fooding during all workshops, certain costs of their travel not covered by the stipend and production charges applicable.

Last date of application is 20 April 2018
any querries to be addressed to docskooltalks(at)

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