Kathmandu Film Center

A physical space situated at the heart of Kathmandu in Thapathali, the Kathmandu Film Center has stayed at the core of Docskool’s operations since its beginning. Functioning as both a technical facility and a cultural engagement platform, the center also takes upon the role of Docskool’s principal advocacy and lobbying base for cinema related campaigning.

The Kathmandu Film Center works largely to meet the key approach of, “promotion of cultural spheres amongst industry and non industry stakeholders”. It does so by undertaking researches, short-term studies and several formal/ informal dialogues conducted year round at the center. 

Collaborative art practices equally lie at the center of the activity range of the program where Docskool invites artists from several backgrounds to work on thematic projects that promote the understanding of cinema and the role of other forms in cinema’s development.

The Kathmandu Film Center has since 2008 been annually conducting the “Annual Film Lab” that brings together keen film aspirants to a 15 day workshop opening itself as a first stage membership process to work with Docskool.