Clinik.Kathmandu is a networking and skill motivated workshop provider targeted at writers/directors, producers from Asia. 

Clinik conducts three labs annually that have been designed to support feature filmmakers at different stages of their career. From startup filmmakers to established producers, Clinik has room for everyone to grow and find support when needed. Our workshops are geared towards assisting personal skills and project completion providing a unique platform for filmmakers and producers to pre-test project values and build upon missing aspects.


The availability of three labs allows filmmakers to take up individual workshops or target completing feature development making use of the options provided. The three labs are interlinked and could also be attended individually. An open concept program, Clinik values individuality and personal choices in creativity, we operate as a non-interventional program. Apart from limited visibility in completed projects Clinik asks for nothing from participants, our workshop fees are truly subsidized.

Clinik’s ambition to generate identity and opportunities for local filmmakers is met through host of partnerships we maintain with global film programs.
In 2016 Clinik completed work on a new cinema campus that will host all the workshops. The ‘Ehwa Arts Collaboratory’ presents itself as an option for projects to use as a postproduction space or a private home for writing getaways and group workshops.

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