In 10 years Docskool has done everything a National level cinema body should do. We will continue to bridge the gap between practise and possibilities with regard to creative cinema in Nepal, linking it with possibilities across the South Asian region.


Talent Development Initiatives


We believe creative expression is an innate human behaviour, Docskool's talent development focuses on building individualized approaches towards looking at situations around us. We conduct programs that bring people together to share their work, and their world often inspiring others or building their own in the process. Talent development at Docskool is our way of encouraging dialogues between artists most importantly generating new opportunities.  

A key initiative within this program is the Clinik.Kathmandu labs which hosts filmmakers with projects working together to find better ways to tell the story.  


Community Media Partnerships


Docskool has been involved with different collaborations with media outlets based in semi-urban or rural areas, a concept that was promoted by the 2012 - 2016 strategy. Between this period Docskool worked closely with numerous artists and media bodies with the highlight being our partnership with Radio Udayapur and Airavat Media Group. This program forms long-term collaborations with media groups who benefit from Docskool's expertise and supports them usually through strategic support and by capacity development initiatives. 


National advocacy, Lobby/ International Representation


Right to Information and the Right to Freedom of Expression is the basis for national level advocacy and lobbying Docskool does with the Government of Nepal supporting creative practice in Nepal. Such advocacy is done through the creation of projects that encourage films in diverse content and through the operation of dialogues, forums and seminars. Examples of such work in the past include the Short Film Factory that provided seed capital for an anthology feature production of three short films and the Nepal Cine Symposium which hosted a film festival with international level film meetings, live fund pitch and master class events.

Docskool has proactively promoted Nepali and South Asian cinema and individual talents on the international stage. One such event is the Locarno International Film Festival - Open Doors programs three years focus on South Asia. Held between 2016 - 2018, Docskool supported Open Doors design and launch the program in South Asia and Nepal. The event benefited many filmmakers and brought global interest to the regions cinema.