Media Services


Powerful partnerships on issues that matter to us. Docskool's 'media services' exclusively works on development partnerships.  


Docskool's development media work is enriched with community level partnerships where we encourage the use of traditional and mainstream media as engagement based advocacy.  Beyond film campaigning Docskool is a group formed by filmmakers, photographers, animators and also development experts. Most of our team members have been working on development issues for over 10 years. This makes it possible for us to conceptually engage with issues we encounter.  


Our services specialise in Participatory video, Civic justice media, Household radio broadcasting/podcasting, Films, Photography.  




Our Success Story - Airavat Media Group


Docskool worked with Radio Udayapur, an all girl radio station as an external strategy and capacity supporter betwen 2010 - '14. Impact was - the Radio generates 70% of its funds locally, has a pool of over 100 all girl local producers and operates on all Solar Power. Past producers from the radio started a new women in media network calling it Airavat Media Group that aims to build support nexus for with women in the radio across Eastern Nepal. Their partners today are global feminist groups including CREA, FRIDA - The Young Feminist Fund, South Asia Women's Fund among others. Airavat Media Group is one of Nepal's first all women media producer groups locally setup by community women media producers. Docskool is proud to have been a part of this change.

A way to support us

Every engagement in the form of service partnership also enables us to keep promoting Freedom of Expression through cinema and forms that are not under the radar of conventional media advocacy. It keeps us financed.


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