Project Buildup Lab

Filmmakers test how their films feel, behave; what works what doesnt as they work together with experts from various fields shooting parts of their film forming a demoreel.


Filmmakers will spend considerable time engaged with one on one advisory sessions hosted to promote firm understanding on the behaviour of the camera, sound, art among other aspects in the film under development. Filmmakers will work in groups where they will be assisted and all requirements provided by the program in a zero pressure environment to feel the momentum of their project.




This is a 30 day workshop to be held in October. It will host master classes and project buildup laboratories where filmmakers work with specialised consultants on direction, cinematography, and sound to discuss and shoot certain aspects of their film. It encourages them to have no further doubt about their films before heading into production and to be in a position where they can assure themselves and others involved about the projects objective.


Master classes,

One on one Sessions,

Group Exercises,

Film Shoot




Similar to the Writing Lab where filmmakers seek expert  advise on their writing, this workshop allows to question other aspects of their project. Filmmakers should go home feeling assured about their production, with no doubts and with a clear visual and aural memo of how their film is going to feel.


Filmmakers should expect to be present with all required documents needed before a film enters production. This will allow them to be more present in the process and find more engagement to the development process.


Following Process


Projects should enter production after this lab.

In case they are looking for wider engagement such as co-productions, projects should have strategies in place to be at markets and other similar spaces that supports such activities. Clinik will help projects through out this period to build such strategies.






Application is only open to filmmakers who have been part of the Writing Lab. Application forms are available. Documents to be submitted will include a redraft version of the script submitted as a shooting treatment, a shooting script and sound plan of the short document submitted.