Writing Program

Clinik- Writing Program is the core development support training/ workshop provided by the Clinik.Kathmandu initiative as part of Docskool's South Asia focus. 

The program works as a script development catalyst cross engaging aspects of skill buildup and production incubation with two other workshops held by Clinik.Kathmandu. With its launch as the only script program for South Asian Filmmakers in 2013, the Writing Program has supported 21 feature fiction projects from 9 countries. The program is held annually in the month of June in Kathmandu.


Writing program invites writers/directors with scripts under work, which are closer to a first draft screenplay. The program is only open for South Asian nationals from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.


The Writing Program is held in a two stage process. It starts as a 10 day workshop followed with an optional residency expandable for up to two months in Kathmandu. As part of the 10 day workshop, participants are expected to spend over 40 hours of guided writing support with expert advisors and attend sessions that reflect and explore cinema in different parts of South Asia as part of the program. The workshop links one script analyst to three projects in general. The optional residency provides distant mentoring and production exercise possibilities at the Docskool residency space : Ehwa Arts Collaboratory.


Training focus: Nonā€intervention Script analysis, treatment – synopsis and logline revision, character reflection, and creative production inputs.

Apply if you are: Filmmaker with atleast 5 years professional experience or have worked extensively on features as a creative head in the last 3 years.

If you donot meet the criteria mentioned - please dont be upset, try the Regionale Lab !


Participation is subject to selection. A maximum of 7 positions are available.

Current Applications Open for 2018 Program  

All Applications must reach Docskool before 5th March 2018

Application is open through out the year


Learn more:

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Apply now: (the same form can be used for the 2018 submissions)

Application form for Clinik Wrting Program 2017