One stop process to propel your film into production

SPEED brings the best of Clinik.Kathmandu's expertise in handling talents and projects to groom projects that require special attention.


This program has been created seeing the amount of projects that enter development and dont make it through. We want to try and provide support in finding solution to many of the problems projects face and fail. SPEED intends to secure projects, encourage their making through and thorough.


SPEED works as a year long process for filmmakers and projects where Clinik acts not just as a training provider but helps build visibility, develop strategies and encourages partnerships. SPEED is open for filmmakers who have in the past appeared at the Writing Program or are new to the Clinik venture.


Starting on the 20th of October 2017, SPEED will take 8 filmmakers at different stages of their expertise and provide different entry and exit options to help them with their career. The program will start as a 7 day cinema deconstruction exercise where specific focus will be placed on production revision, market analysis/ integration, coproduction bridging, contextual understanding of contemporary issues and technical masterclasses. These sessions have been designed to work as a foundation of sort.


The second stage of the program will enable filmmakers to shoot a scene from their film in development or find support to help work in progress projects. Filmmakers will be given a maximim of 15 days period to shoot and finalise a scene from their script or to re-edit chunks of their films they are having challenges completing. The filmmaking portion will be undertaken in Kathmandu, challengeing comfort zones and using it as an opportunity to reassess the thought process. 


The third stage is Asia Threads, Clinik's producer specific program which will be reshaped based on the kind of projects that appear at SPEED this year.  Asia Threads as a program has a focus on building collaboration between younger producers practicing in South Asia, South East Asia and Europe - a conceot that will be valued and continued.


The 2017 SPEED program has been designed in a way where based on the degree of past work experience, filmmakers will get to choose levels of entry and exit in the process. A chart has been provided at the bottom of this page for review. Please note that there are certain stages which are mandatory and may not be missed.


SPEED does a lot more than provide the 26 day physical residency, it stays with selected projects for a year in the period helping with several aspects projects face during further development. SPEED will specifically focus in strategy building and script or production assistance which are the main factors challenging a films undertaking.


The program is Open for Application for 2017

SPEED will start on the 20th of October 2017

It is open for 8 writers/ directors from South Asia

To Apply

Application Requirements have been divided into two categories of people applying with scripts and for ones applying with Work in Progress projects


Script Based Applications


It is first important to note that this kind of application is open to people that have previously appeared at the Clinik Writing Program


Requirements are

- Final draft script or a full screenplay

- A treatment note of the film ( use visual references)

- Directors intention ( no less than 1500 words)

- Scene to be attached separately to be shot during the program with a shot and production breakdown

- Letter of Intention clarifying what the individual/ projects expects from Clinik.Kathmandu

- A Letter from the Producer in attachment qualifying for atleast 30% of the required fund

- A signed copy of a Privacy Bond maintained between the project and Clinik.Kathmandu (copy made available upon request)


Work in Progress Applications


Requirements are

- A fully completed screenplay of the film

- A DVD that includes the current version of the film

- Directors Intention note ( no less than 1500 words)

- A treatment of the film and notes on what went wrong in the making of the film

- A letter to Clinik.Kathmandu clearly indicating what is expected of from the program

- A Letter from the producer indicating the amount and period for which the commitment has been made available

- A signed copy of a Privacy Bond maintained between the project and Clinik.Kathmandu (copy made available upon request)