Asia Threads

ASIA THREADS is a production incubator and network development workshop designed for feature fiction projects from ASEAN and SAARC countries. Its purpose is to provide strategic skills and connectivity to producers within the region and Europe.


ASIA THREADS is open for 10 producers. Between 2-4 seats are further available for related professionals who don’t have a project but seek to build knowledge on the regions diverse market and producing in general. 


If you are applying with a project, please know that we are open only for feature fiction contents based in either ASEAN or the SAARC region. You may apply if you are a practising producer with established knowledge in the field (people who have produced short films are welcome) and or have been a lead creative in films and seek to expand into producing (refer to SPEED program in the second case).


Projects applying should have some financing prior to application and the project slated to rapid development with a maximum 2-year period.  It is important for project applications to have a firm understanding of the local scope in completion of the project and potential for co-producing/ co-financing with Asia and Europe.


During the workshop project applications should expect to work on production plans, explore finance possibilities, build market and festival strategy, budget reflection, pitch assessment and training.


The following countries do not qualify to apply with project for the ASIA THREADS workshop (CHINA, JAPAN, SOUTH KOREA, MAINSTREAM HINDI PROJECT FROM INDIA)


Participation is subject to selection. A maximum of 6 + ( 2 - 4) positions are available.


Application is open : All year round 2017

The 2017 workshop will be held between November 14 - 19




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Clinik Production Lab Factsheet 2016

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This program is partners with EAVE (Tied that Bind), SAAVA (South East Asia Audio Visual Association) and DCN (Digital Cinema Nepal)