Project Development process

This process is focused at facilitating the completion of the Development Stage of a feature fiction film.









Advanced Skill


3 – 5 years

working as a key creative in film or television productions



To Apply



1st or 2nd draft script under development.

Writers/ directors can apply.



Apply with a

Story Treatment



Level 1



Writing Lab



10 Day Script Analysis workshop



Level 2



Distant Advisory on Script or Production

2 Months


Optional module for extended development following the Writing Lab.



Level 3



Local Production Support

4 Months


Attachment with national producers, filmmakers who assist in local fund generation, perspective gain and writing support.



Level 4



Project Build Up Lab

30 Days


With a second or third draft script in hand, filmmakers work on cinematography, sound, art, direction perspectives. Shoot a demo reel or a related sequence from the film.