About Clinik.Kathmandu

Clinik.Kathmandu is a network and skill motivated workshop provider targeted at writers/directors, producers from Nepal and South Asia. 

Clinik is a personal and project capacity development program focussed at practising filmmakers in different stages of their career.  Clinik values originality and understands it can have no substitute, our process is oriented towards bringing visibility, identity, support and partnerships to fresh filmmakers.  Initiated in 2014 as South Asia's pioneer professional cinema program, it continues to promote the region's cinema with a particular focus on Nepal.


Since 2014 - over 21 feature films have benefited from the Clinik workshops and 5 have undergone production. We see this as a highly valued impact to films being made in otherwise difficult situations in the region.


Clinik organises all workshops/ trainings as Residencial programs at its own arts campus located in the outskirts of Kathmandu. A value supported with this is to encourage and provide filmmakers with physical as well as knowledge resources to complete aspects of the film undertaking.


Our partnership with the International Film Festival Rotterdam provides unique exposure and development opportunities through one of the world's most valued cinema platforms.


Applications to the Clinik programs are open through out the year. It starts with a simple hello email to Docskool.

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