Kshitiz Adhiraj

Founding Director, Docskool


Kshitiz Adhiraj quit school to take up photography at 16 - he failed at it devastatingly. In 2006 out of courtesy to his parents he joined school studying cinema at Lasalle Colleg of Arts and found it to be a no brainer. He returned to Nepal trying to find a job and landed doing workshops that evolved into Docskool. He believes in doing things on the surge. When not doing films,  he farms.  


Giovanni Robbiano

Head of Academic Programs

Head of (Proposed) Docskool Institute of Cinema


Giovanni Robbiano, believes in cinema, love and the value of being human.He graduated from University of Bologna and then from Columbia University's School of Arts with a specialization in Screenwriting(1992) where his advisor was Emir Kusturica.He is of current the head of FAMU INTERNATIONAL at Prague and has been heading and advising in numerous script and talent development programs around the world.He is quite openly developing the next Global Film Program to take off from Kathmandu. 

Sashul Shrestha

Head of Admin


Sashul Shrestha graduated from Lalit Kala campus, Kathmandu. He is an avid animator and VFX coordinator working for bigger brands in Nepal. Off the spin of his luck he got into a workshop by Docskool in 2010 and has ever since been planning an escape. He oversees the account, communication, logistics, creatives and lot of other things at Docskool.

Jyotsna Maskay

Head of Networking and Partnerships


Jyotsna claims herself to be a resigning feminist. She works with Docskool for the luxury of being at Film Festivals. She is an ardent believer that women will topple over men and that the power shift will be better that way. She graduated from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand reading Development Studies. She also heads LOOM - a collective action capsule engaging young women and girls to fight back ageing feminist movement in Nepal.