Promotion and Engagement with Cultural spheres of art in practice

Art is practiced not in solitary domains of the practitioners but in an equally influential environment where the dominant culture and its several actors of state and individuals play key roles in shaping what is developed and presented.

Participatory ownership is key not only amongst artists and industry stakeholders but the audience, larger society actors as they very often have big effects in the way media grows and speaks to its audience. 

Docskool’s approach is to engage in promoting growth supportive dialogues on cinema and visual arts. This engagement often takes us away from industry players and into the masses where we advocate to build cohesion and supportive parameters for visual arts to be recognized better. This provides a joint leverage to our voice acknowledging roles of artists and the works they produce as a product of the synergy. 

The Kathmandu Film Center is Docskool’s key structure for cultural engagement with non practitioners. The center conducts researches, studies and works as a policy lobbying body representing artists. The physical space conducts regular talks, screenings and workshops that cater to larger society actors. 

Docskool’s ‘You can Make Cinema’ advocacy slogan held over 50 dialogues at colleges schools, public spaces in 7 different cities of Nepal between 2009-2011.