Development of instrumental industry mechanisms

This approach at Docskool focuses largely on two media avenues of cinema and community media.

We have since our beginning realised that the lack of practise supports mechanisms have played a crucial role in limiting diversity and variation in media practices. This is more significant in the development of cinema in Nepal and South Asia.

Docskool’s approach here is to develop instrumental platforms that provide ease of access to  younger and/ or minimally resourced filmmakers. The provision of seed grants through Short Film Factory, and Clinik.Kathmandu’s role as a script and producing lab series for practitioners are key involvements Docskool has had with this approach. 

As part of the approach Docskool believes not in providing long term solutions alone, but being part of a preexisting problem solution process to help stimulate sustainable procedures that promote cinema in continuity. 

Docskool approach of engagement with Community Media has focused on conducting community based experiments to use traditional and contemporary media forms to present sustainability measures for community media outlets in Nepal.