About Us

Docskool is a cultural campaign working to promote sustainable cinema and freedom of expression in contemporary visual art forms. Since 2008 we have been on a journey to network voices of cultural practitioners to encourage a stronger socio political role for contemporary media culture in Nepal and the South Asian region.

Docskool is based in Kathmandu and engages through close consensus amongst filmmakers, visual artists and cultural workers working in South Asia. We operate as an informal network of 500 + filmmakers and media workers in Nepal and the region. 

Docskool works in two specific domains of ‘promotion of cultural structures’ and ‘development of instrumental production mechanisms’ that promote dignified access to practise contemporary media in South Asia.

Our work is based on the belief that culturally rooted art practices must be free. We advocate on the basis of two crucial human rights that include Right to Freedom of Expression and Right to Intellectual conscience and personal thoughts. 

Docskool is a non profit non governmental organisation registered with the Government of Nepal.